Aired: September 13, 2019

Why We Believe What We Believe

A chalkboard on the street reads: Conspiracy Wall and is covered in conspiracy theories. Image credit: Harald Groven / Flickr. Licensed by CC by-SA 2.0.

  • Meet The Press (17 min.)

    With: Mallory Perryman (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    The best defense against conspiracy theories and fake news is robust journalism–but only if people trust their sources. Mallory Perryman studies why people distrust their news sources and what we should do to change their minds.

  • Believing Weird Things (11 min.)

    With: Jason Hart (Christopher Newport University)

    Why do people believe weird things? That’s what Jason Hart wants to find out. He delves into the psychology behind ghost encounters, anti-vaccine hoaxes, conspiracy theories, and more.

  • If You Like The Truth (24 min.)

    With: Rick Atkinson

    Lieutenant General George Crocker says that when he was first introduced to Rick Atkinson he was told, “If you like the truth, you’ll love Rick.” Over his long career as a journalist and historian, Atkinson has won three Pulitzer Prizes for works that he has written and edited. As part of the Pulitzer Centennial Campfire Initiative, we honor Rick Atkinson’s career, from Vietnam Veterans, WWII, and the Persian Gulf War to DC police shootings and the War in Iraq.


Transcript coming soon!


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