Aired: September 24, 2016

Under Magnolia

  • Under Magnolia (13 min.)

    With: Frances Mayes

    In her memoir Under Magnolia, the renowned author of Under the Tuscan Sun returns to her hometown of Fitzgerald, Georgia to explore her coming of age in the Deep South.

  • Factory Man (13 min.)

    With: Beth Macy

    Since 2000, furniture imports from China have increased dramatically and offshoring has cost American furniture makers thousands of jobs. In her new book Factory Man, reporter Beth Macy tells the remarkable story of John Bassett III’s battle to keep his family’s furniture business in southwest Virginia open.

  • Kitchen Rituals in Mexico (8 min.)

    With: Maria Elisa Christie, Virginia Tech

    In central Mexico, the work of preparing elaborate meals for fiestas involves many women working together.  The author of Kitchenspace: Women, Fiestas, and Everyday Life in Central Mexico, says this work gives women status in their communities, as well as a way to share traditions and beliefs with younger generations.

  • Rice Theory of Culture (8 min.)

    With: Thomas Talhelm, University of Chicago

    Residents of northern China prize individualism, while southerners value their sense of community. One social psychologist has developed what he calls a “rice theory” to explain the cultural differences.

  • Community Causes of Obesity (7 min.)

    With: Jamie Zoellner, Virginia Tech

    There’s no silver bullet for battling obesity, but studying different communities and their specific food and exercise resources can help jumpstart a solution.



  • Life in a Southern Flyover Town

    The author Frances Mayes is best known for her books about the joys of life in Italy, but in her newest book, she takes her readers back to her roots in the tiny town of Fitzgerald, Georgia. Lilia Fuquen has the story.

  • Romance and New Beginnings

    See the trailer for the film “Under the Tuscan Sun,” based on the novel by Frances Mayes.


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