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Twinning for Science

Judy Silberg (Virginia Commonwealth University)

The key to understanding the genes behind diseases is in studying thousands of pairs of twins. Judy Silberg is the director of the Mid-Atlantic Twin Registry, which has been tracking twins on behalf of researchers for decades.

12 mins

An Artificial Pancreas

Dr. Boris Kovatchev & Dr. Sue Brown (University of Virginia)

Living with Type 1 diabetes often means painful testing and complicated calculations about blood sugar levels. But now, a new artificial pancreas is promising relief — if parents can get their hands on it. Dr. Boris Kovatchev and Dr. Sue Brown are part of a team behind the device.

10 mins

Learning on Medical Simulators

Don Johnson (Northern Virginia Community College)

“Virtual cadavers” and body fluid simulators are having big impacts on the way medicine is taught – and on patient safety. Don Johnson oversees new hi-tech simulators offering nursing students a chance to get messy with no consequences.

6 mins

3D Printed Organs

Kenneth Brayman (University of Virginia)

In 30 years, organ transplants may be taking a back seat to a serum grown from the patient’s own cells and administered to heal the damaged organ.  And those who need new organs will be getting new biological parts from 3-D printers.  That’s the vision of Kenneth Brayman, who heads Transplant Surgery at the University of Virginia.  Brayman discusses recent advances in organ transplantation.

14 mins

Why do we get allergies?

Lawrence Schwartz (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Allergic reactions to everything from pollen to peanuts are making life miserable for millions.  Lawrence Schwartz explains why our bodies over-react to these seemingly benign substances.  Schwartz was named Outstanding Faculty of 2016 by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

10 mins

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