Aired: January 19, 2018

The New Minority

  • The New Minority (13 min.)

    With: Justin Gest (George Mason University)

    Donald Trump’s election was seen by many commentators as a decisive statement by a marginalized White working class. Justin Gest is the author of The New Minority: White Working Class Politics in an Age of Immigration and Inequality. He explains where this theory comes from and why so many White voters are feeling class and racial resentment.

  • Invention of Immigration (5 min.)

    With: Neil Larry Shumsky (Virginia Tech)

    The concept of migration has existed for a long time, but the word “immigration” has much darker origins. Neil Larry Shumsky traces the origins of immigration to the nativist sentiments of one dictionary editor in the 19th century.

  • Just the Facts (9 min.)

    With: Deenesh Sohoni (William & Mary)

    In the age of fake news, it’s getting harder and harder to get accurate data on immigration. Deenesh Sohoni explains how anti-immigrant movements can twist the facts to stir up panic.

  • They're Just People (15 min.)

    With: Connie Koski and Renee Gutierrez (Longwood University)

    Farmville, Virginia, population 8,140, is home to the largest private immigrant detention center on the East Coast. Connie Koski and Renee Gutierrez bring their students to the detention center to teach English, but the students are also learning a valuable lesson about the people who come to this country looking for a better life.

  • Rural Policing (9 min.)

    With: Egan Green (Radford University)

    Egan Green grew up listening to the stories of game wardens and wandering rural Appalachia. Now, he helps track down the poachers ‘telephoning’ fish and selling bear spleen to China.



1 Comment on “The New Minority”

  1. Susan W Meldrim

    I found this program very disturbing. To call the “white working class” marginalized is a slap in the face to truly marginalized individuals. This just so smacks of white fragility. Very white, very elitist viewpoint.

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