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Checkout Charity

Adrienne Sudbury (Longwood University)

Right after the cashier tells you your total, they induce the moral dilemma: Would you like to round up to donate? Adrienne Sudbury says that most checkout charity donors give less than a dollar.

14 mins

America’s Workplace Inequality Problem

Caroline Hanley (William & Mary)

America has a pay inequality problem. Caroline Hanley says that the age-old advice to get more education to increase income isn’t going to cut it. This is a structural issue.

14 mins

Bread & Roses

Sarah Grace Manski (George Mason University)

The future of work is digital. Will robots displace workers? Does automation mean the end of work as we know it? In the digital commonwealth, Sarah Grace Manski envisions people owning the companies they work for.

13 mins

Shakedown at the Grocery

Chris Herrington (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Grocery prices have been obscene. Chris Herrington has a few ideas why.

11 mins

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