Aired: October 30, 2010

Chamber Punk and Laptop Orchestras

[audio:|titles=Chamber Punk and Laptop Orchestras]

It’s Mozart meets The Clash.  Pianist and composer Sophia Serghi (The College of William and Mary) draws on the heavy metal and grunge of her youth to take classical music where it’s never been before.  Her original string compositions have been performed all over the world – at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and even at the Olympic Games in Athens. She’ll talk about and share some of the music from her collection, From Byzantium to Punk RockAlso featured: some people just listen to music on their laptops.  Ivica Ico Bukvic (Virginia Tech) uses whole groups of laptops to create live musical performances.  Bukvic is the director of L2Ork, the first Linux-based orchestra in the world – which uses everything from salad bowls to video game remotes to produce his feverish sonic music.  And also featured: On her CD, “From Bartok to the Popol Vuh”, pianist Louise Billaud (New River Community College) performs “Incantations” by composer Kent Holliday (Virginia Tech). We’ll hear about the give and take between composer and interpreter in deciding just how to approach a piece of music.


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  1. Sonny Dearth

    The feature on Sophia was outstanding! I’d never heard of her, or anything quite like that, but will try to listen to more.

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