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Pride and Profit

Michelle Vachris (Christopher Newport University)

Jane Austen novels provide timeless insight into our virtues and vices. It turns out she drew inspiration on how to live a moral life from the great 18th century economist Adam Smith. Michelle Vachris is co-author of Pride and Profit: The Intersection of Jane Austen and Adam Smith.

16 mins


Dan Farhat (Radford University)

If we were invaded by vampires, we would have to make wise choices about using our resources to put up a good defense. Dan Farhat uses sophisticated computer simulations of vampire-human struggles to study economic decision-making.

12 mins


Jolanta Wawrzycka (Radford University)

Every June, fans around the world gather for “Bloomsday” to celebrate the writer James Joyce. His masterpiece Ulysses follows its main character, Leopold Bloom, around Dublin during the course of one day. Jolanta Wawrzycka speaks about the life of Joyce, his writings, and her experiences attending “Bloomsday” celebrations.

14 mins

Reading James Joyce

Theo Dorgan

Irish scholar and critic Theo Dorgan discusses the joys and challenges of reading Ireland’s greatest literary son.

10 mins

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