Aired: January 23, 2016

Car Talk

  • NASCAR Nation (16 min.)

    With: John Miller (Longwood University)

    The co-editor of Motorsports and American Culture: From Demolition Derbies to NASCAR says NASCAR reflects our culture, our society, and our history.

  • Car Talk (12 min.)

    With: Raymond Resendes (Virginia Tech)

    In our lifetimes, we will likely see the car as we know it become obsolete. Prepare yourselves, Resendes says, for fully automated, driverless “timeshare cars.”

  • The Color of Desire (8 min.)

    With: Amy Butler Greenfield

    An insect native to Mexico, is the only source of a vibrant red dye called carmine. The author of A Perfect Red: Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire, discusses this highly sought-after commodity that eluded pirates, scientists, and kings.

  • Fugitive Red (6 min.)

    With: Kristin Wustholz (College of William & Mary), and Shelley Svoboda

    A chemist and an art curator team up to trace the molecular “fingerprints” of the pigments in rare paintings.

  • Women in PhysicGail Dodge (Old Dominion University)s (10 min.)

    With: Gail Dodge (Old Dominion University)

    Gail Dodge is a nuclear physicist and recipient of the Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award. Dodge is growing the number of women in physics–a field still dominated by men.

  • America Start Your Engines

    With NASCAR season around the corner… get in the mood by watching last year’s NBC ad for NASCAR featuring Nick Offerman.


  • NASCAR Nation

    The 2016 NASCAR season kicks off next month, a sport that last year, drew, on average, more than 5 million viewers. For real fans of the sport, NASCAR is about much more than the races–it’s about celebrating an identity that they see as distinctly American. Allison Quantz reports.


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