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Transitioning Home

Jimmie Fedrick (Virginia State University)

Homelessness is an unfortunate reality for many military veterans. Jimmie Fedrick says having a support system and an active social life can be key to turning their lives around.

21 mins

Senior Isolation

Pam Parsons (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Loneliness is more than just a horrible feeling. Studies show that it can actually have adverse health effects. Pam Parsons founded the Richmond Health and Wellness Program, which helps reduce social isolation among the elderly.

7 mins

Singing For Health

James Coan (University of Virginia)

How can we be alone together in the pandemic? In a world without skin-to-skin contact, James Coan thinks the next best option might be something equally uncomfortable for many people: singing.

13 mins

The COVID Toll On Families

Danielle Dallaire (William & Mary)

COVID quarantine takes a particular toll on kids and their parents. Danielle Dallaire says families who normally need extra support are struggling even more now.

11 mins

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