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Gay Men’s Chorus

Kevin Schattenkirk-Harbaugh (Longwood University)

Gay men’s choruses have a rich history that stretches back to San Francisco in the 1970’s. Kevin Schattenkirk-Harbaugh is a longtime member of a gay men’s chorus and he says it was one of the first spaces where he truly felt like he belonged.

15 mins

Park Soccer

David Trouille (James Madison University)

David Trouille embedded himself in a community of Latino immigrants who regularly played park soccer in West Los Angeles. The soccer field was a place where these men could bond, share work opportunities, and blow off steam. But then the surrounding white neighborhood started to take notice… 

13 mins

Black Freemasonry

Derrick Lanois (Norfolk State University)

Many African American intellectual and civil rights leaders like W.E.B Du Bois, Thurgood Marshall, and Medgar Evers were Freemasons. But little has been written about the role of Black freemasonry during the Civil Rights Movement. Derrick Lanois says African American fraternal organizations offered a safe space where Black men could plan the resistance against racial oppression.

15 mins

Gaming with the Guys

Marc Ouellette (Old Dominion University)

Boys learn what it means to be a man from various sources in society. And one of the biggest sources today is video games. Marc Ouellette says video games take the player through what he calls “a life course of masculinity.”

9 mins

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