Aired: January 13, 2017

“Building a Wall”: Church and State in America

  • Jefferson's Revolutionary Rotunda (8 min.)

    With: University of Virginia

    When Jefferson designed the University of Virginia’s central Rotunda, he set out to build a temple to the book, a stunning rebuke to the Christian churches that anchored every other college of his day. But Jefferson’s secular utopia didn’t pan out exactly as he planned.

  • The Bible in Politics (12 min.)

    With: Frances Flannery (James Madison University) & Rodney Werline (Barton College)

    Biblical scholars don’t like to get their hands dirty in the messy world of politics. But Frances Flannery and Rodney Werline have found a dozen brave enough to fact-check politicians on their uses of the Bible.

  • Digital Evangelism (10 min.)

    With: Sean Connable (Christopher Newport University)

    Evangelical America is changing. Sean Connable tracks online masses and hologram preachers to study how digital culture is changing the politics of faith.

  • Faiths of the Founding Fathers (22 min.)

    With: David Holmes (College of William and Mary)

    Europeans who traveled to the thirteen colonies brought countless strains of Christianity with them, and the freedom of the wild frontier allowed many new sects and congregations to flourish. David Holmes gives us insights into the religious beliefs of the founding fathers.