Aired: March 28, 2009

Brain Painting and the Music of the Mind

brainwaveYou know what it’s like to have a song stuck in your head. But what if your brain was constantly making music of its own without your knowledge? “Brainwave Chick” Paras Kaul (George Mason University) taps into the natural melodies of her mind, converts them to digital sound, and makes brain music.   Also: Dennis Proffitt (University of Virginia) is developing technology that allows the brain to express itself artistically without using any muscles. He hopes to provide an artistic outlet for fully paralyzed or “locked-in” individuals through  “brain painting.”


2 Comments on “Brain Painting and the Music of the Mind”

  1. lew4n

    Good catch! The file hadn’t loaded properly. If you look again now under the title you will see the download option, and a choice to play the file from our webpage.


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