Aired: December 29, 2012

Black in Cuba

Image courtesy Elliot Majerczyk

Two years after his 1959 speech at the Havana Labor Rally Fidel Castro declared that the age of racism and discrimination was over. Geoffroy de Laforcade (Norfolk State University) and William Alexander (Norfolk State University) discuss the validity of Castro’s declaration in today’s Cuba. They are part of a program where students from Norfolk State University, a historically black college, get a chance to visit Cuba. Also featured: When poet Sheikh Kamarah (Virginia State University) left Sierra Leone to get his PhD in America, a civil war broke out that prevented him from returning home for 10 years. In his poetry collection, Singing in Exile and The Child of War, Kamarah writes about the Sierra Leone he knew as a child when it was renowned as the most peaceful nation in West Africa.


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