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Printed Organs

Kenneth Brayman (University of Virginia)

Someday, people who need organ transplants might be getting biological parts from a 3-D printer. That’s the vision of Kenneth Brayman, who heads transplant surgery at the University of Virginia.

16 mins

Allergy Season

Lawrence Schwartz (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Allergic reactions to everything from pollen to peanuts are making life miserable for millions.  Lawrence Schwartz explains why our bodies over-react to these seemingly benign substances. Schwartz was a recipient of the 2016 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award.

12 mins

Duping Delight

Randy Boyle (Longwood University)

People who get a kick out of lying are said to have “duping delight.” Randy Boyle studies human deception at the Longwood Center for Cyber Security. He has devised a questionnaire that measures a person’s propensity to lie.

11 mins

The Chocolate Diet

Andrew Neilson (Virginia Tech)

Certain properties in cocoa can reduce weight gain. Andrew Neilson says one particular compound in cocoa prevented laboratory mice from gaining excess weight when fed a high-fat diet.

7 mins

Acting on Food Alerts

Christopher Brady (Virginia State University)

Each year, there are many food recall or contamination alerts, but not everyone heeds the warnings. Christopher Brady looks at the psychological factors that determine which of us will act on the alerts.

7 mins

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