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The Cat Parasite

Emily Lilly (Virginia Military Institute)

The good news? Biologist Emily Lilly says that all the hype about getting diseases from your cat’s litter is not something to worry about. The bad news? It’s because those parasites aren’t just in cat litter—they’re everywhere.

11 mins

The Rise of Lyme Disease

Anne Zajac (Virginia Tech)

There are 300,000 likely human cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. each year. Anne Zajac says that number is on the rise.

8 mins

Lyme Disease Vaccine for Dogs

Richard Marconi (Virginia Commonwealth University)

There’s a new vaccine to help protect dogs against Lyme disease. One of its developers, Richard Marconi says his team hopes a human vaccine isn’t far behind.

7 mins

Navigating Big Data

Peter Aiken (Virginia Commonwealth University)

In just ten years, the amount of data collected by governments and companies has increased dramatically. But Peter Aiken says just collecting digital data isn’t enough–we need to figure out how to use it to solve real-world problems.

18 mins

Using Big Data for Good

Ross Gore (Old Dominion University)

Big data expert Ross Gore used phone records of the Senegalese population to plan the best locations for hospital facilities to help minimize heart attack deaths.

6 mins

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