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The Tale of Honeybee Brown

Carrie “Honeybee” Brown (Norfolk State University)

In Norfolk’s Calvert Square, preschoolers plant watermelon and okra next to 200,000 live bees. They aren’t alone. Carrie “Honeybee” Brown has planted apiaries in community gardens across the city in an effort to save the ailing honeybee. Now, she’s planning to shave bees and attach transmitters to get neighborhood kids interested in entomology.

10 mins

Non-Human Persons

Alex Parrish (James Madison University)

Writing professor Alex Parrish argues the importance of recognizing animal voices. He says that if other animals are non-human persons, our relationship with them should change dramatically.

18 mins

The Strange Plight of the Shrew

Kevin Hamed (VHCC)

Biologist Kevin Hamed discovered an alarming number of tiny skulls stuck in glass bottles found roadside litter. Tiny shrews are crawling in, but can’t get back out. He and his students are on the case, trying to solve mysteries where humans and wildlife intersect. Hamed was named Outstanding Faculty of 2017 by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

12 mins

Decoding the Problem of Roadkill

James Vance (UVA College at Wise)

A study in Appalachia is taking a very close look at roadkill. James Vance hopes to find ways to help animals avoid crossing a particularly high-traffic area.

12 mins

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