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Dog Smart

Jennifer Holland

Dog breeds get stereotypes. There’s the well-heeled, intelligent border collie or the good-natured, but not-so-bright golden retriever. Jennifer Holland’s new book, Dog Smart digs into what we actually know about dog intelligence.

16 mins

Honeybee Health

Wei-Fone Huang (UVA Wise)

In recent years, honeybee-keeping has seen an impressive increase in the U.S. The rising numbers means more beekeepers are concerned with viruses that threaten hives. Wei-Fone Huang is studying honey bee pathogens and hopes to find novel solutions to fight them.

12 mins

I Want to Be a Vet When I Grow Up

Lisa Scott (Northern Virginia Community College)

If you grew up with pets, you probably had a local vet who saw every pet in town. Vets offices used to be pretty mom and pop. Lisa Scott says that these days, they’re way more specialized and operate a lot closer to the way human medicine does, with vet techs–like nurses–doing a lot of the work.

12 mins

The Pet Healthcare Shortage

Megan Taliaferro (Tidewater Community College)

Pet ownership is up and it’s getting harder and harder to find medical care for beloved animal friends. Megan Taliaferro explains why there’s a shortage in veterinary care and how she’s working to address it. Megan Taliaferro was named an Outstanding Faculty member by The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

12 mins

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