Aired: September 14, 2018

The Right to Dissent

Illustration by Carson McNamara

  • American Dissent, Episode 1 (28 min.)

    With: Tori Carter-Johnston (Howard University) and John Ragosta (Virginia Humanities)

    Influenced by Colin Kaepernick’s protest of police brutality during the National Anthem, a high school volleyball player initiates her own protest, and not without consequences. And a historian tells the story of a religious minority who helped win the American Revolution and the fight for religious freedom in America.    American Dissent is a production of James Madison’s Montpelier and With Good Reason at Virginia Humanities.

  • Presidental Prose (12 min.)

    With: Colin Rafferty (University of Mary Washington)

    Writer Colin Rafferty read a biography of every single president up to President Obama—and then wrote his own essays in response to their lives.

  • Four Score and Many More (12 min.)

    With: Rebecca Brannon (James Madison University)

    The first presidents lived long lives for that era, with most of them living into their 80’s or even 90’s. Rebecca Brannon says that they may have been mistaken in the expectation that they would be given respect after office, based on their longevity and lifetime experiences.



1 Comment on “The Right to Dissent”

  1. Conrad Roy Post author

    Colin Kaepernick’s protest during the National Anthem is like anything else when it comes to liberals and conservatives. Politics. For example: during the past presidential election, a Gold Star Father denounced Donald Trumps comments regarding Senator McCain’s service in the military and that was brought up during a Democratic Convention. Donald Trump was vilified. All of that was backed by all Democrats. Kaepernick who is The person protesting during the National Anthem is Black (which 95% of blacks are supporters of the Democratic Party and the Party would not ever take a position against their supporters in that magnitude) so they back person. Not doing so, would probably backfire on them.

    Now for Kaepernick’s protest. Think of the hundreds of thousand that are Gold Star families. Should they not get the same respect of our flag that represents patriotism? Is the flag being dis-respected? Yes but Liberals look at it differently. It’s all POLITICS. It’s not the same in the venue of protests of politics.

    Racism works in politics. Being vilified by one party against the other works. Democrats are the leaders in that game.

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