Aired: November 24, 2012

Alzheimer’s Disease: What We Now Know

When 62 year old Bill Wood turned to his wife at the funeral of a family member and asked, “Who are all these people?” she knew something was terribly wrong. Alzheimer’s Disease had struck the witty and dapper former newspaper editor early. His wife Carol Wood (University of Virginia) describes her daily challenges as she cares for her accomplished husband. Steven DeKosky, dean of the UVA medical school, is an international expert in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease research. He has seen first hand the toll Alzheimer’s has taken on Carol and Bill and the grace with which they have responded. DeKosky discusses the latest research on the disease.


2 Comments on “Alzheimer’s Disease: What We Now Know”

  1. Nancy Finch

    This poignant and moving talk by Carol Wood about her husband’s and her own journey with her husband, Bill’s, Alzheimer’s is a perfect memorial to Bill since his death this November, 2012. I’m so glad it was repeated as I had not heard the original airing of this story. What a help to others to hear the Woods’ experience. I hope this personal account as it is told by Carol Wood will be made available to the Alzheimer’s Association if it has not been already. For all who knew Bill and there are thousands, this report by Mrs. Wood and Dr. DeKosky brings even more meaning to his life beyond his many, many accomplisments. Thank you for this repeat broadcast. I hope there will be more for others who will appreciate and benefit from Bill’s and Carol’s story.

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