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Negroes with Guns

Paula Seniors (Virginia Tech & Virginia Foundation for the Humanities)

Paula Seniors talks about her forthcoming book, which studies the lives of African American working class communist women and the link between the struggle for black civil rights and international revolution.


15 mins

A Curse Upon the Nation

Kay Wright Lewis (Norfolk State University)

In her new book “A Curse Upon the Nation: Race, Freedom and Extermination in America and the Atlantic World,” Kay Wright Lewis explores the black perspective on racial extermination.

13 mins

Our Nation

Avi Santo (Old Dominion University)

D.W. Griffith’s Civil War epic Birth of a Nation is notorious for its racist scenes. Avi Santo discusses the recent short film, Our Nation, which tells the story of a young African American teenager’s response to the film in Norfolk, Virginia in 1915.

12 mins

Hollywood Stars for Freedom

Emile Raymond (Virginia Commonwealth University)

A recent book by Emile Raymond tells the little-known story of how black actors and entertainers in Hollywood contributed their money, connections, and fame to aid the civil rights movement.

12 mins

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