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Blue Gatorade and the Bionic Woman

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown, Africa Bureau Chief for the Christian Science Monitor has Type-1 diabetes and needs to monitor her blood sugar at all times. Her “bionic woman” technology helps manage her disease when she’s out reporting in remote villages.

4 mins

Dreaming of a Cure

Jose Oberholzer (University of Virginia)

Transplant surgeon Jose Oberholzer lies awake at night thinking about a cellular cure for diabetes. He founded the Chicago Diabetes Project 15 years ago to collaborate with the best minds in the country on a cure using cells rather than injections and surgery.

12 mins

Diabetes Abroad

Sharon Zook (James Madison University)

Sharon Zook is just back from Tanzania helping people get the tools they need to control their diabetes.

11 mins

Advances in Heart Failure Care

John Kern (University of Virginia)

John Kern is a cardiac surgeon who says innovative programs and new technologies are improving the survival rates for people with advances heart disease.

12 mins

Brightening the Shadows of Dementia

Lisa Onega (Radford University)

A sunny day makes most of us feel better. Lisa Onega is exploring whether exposure to bright light that mimics sunlight can bring relief to people with dementia and depression and reduce reliance on medications.

12 mins

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