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Challenging Bias

Miranda Cashio and Renee Stanley (University of Virginia at Wise)

Studies have shown that doctors have biases towards their patients. This impacts the treatment that people receive. Miranda Cashio and Renee Stanley created a simulation to determine if their students shared those biases, and if those biases affected the care that they gave their patients.

13 mins

Are You Listening?

Kiera Allison (University of Virginia)

Kiera Allison says that we experience pain as narrative — there’s a beginning, middle and hopefully end. And the story we tell ourselves about that pain, and whether or not anyone hears our story, has a lot to do with how we experience it.

15 mins


Alessandra Luchini (SCHEV/George Mason University)

Alessandra Luchini says that AI can process information, but not learn. The ability to learn is distinctly human and cannot be taken away from us.

11 mins

Humans Vs. Bacteria

Michelle Doll (SCHEV/Virginia Commonwealth University)

COVID-19 forced us all to be infectious disease experts in our own worlds. Now, through a Virginia Department of Health grant, Michelle Doll is developing curricula on what we can do to prevent the spread of disease, from the everyday person to the hospital’s CEO.

13 mins

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