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Project SEED

Chris Kukk and Sheri McGuire (Longwood University)

Rural communities have faced economic hardship and population decline. Chris Kukk and Sheri McGuire recently created the SEED Innovation Hub in Farmville, Virginia to spark rural entrepreneurship and bring innovative ideas to life.

14 mins

Five Daily Workplace Experiences

Alex McKay (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Some days at work we’re in the zone and super productive. While other days it can be hard to get those creative juices flowing. Alex McKay helped identify 5 days we all experience in the workplace and their impact on creative performance.

14 mins

Transformative Leadership

Michael LaRocca (Virginia Military Institute)

Michael LaRocca studies transformational leaders who inspire and drive positive change. He says he actually experienced a transformational leader himself when he was an executive officer in the Army.

13 mins

The Keys to Becoming a Good Negotiator

Aaron Arndt (Old Dominion University)

We all negotiate on a daily basis, whether it’s from deciding where to eat with friends to asking for a raise at work. Aaron Arndt says preparation is key to becoming a good negotiator.

11 mins

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