The Short Listen: English for Detainees

Farmville may only be a tiny Virginian town, home to about 8,000 mostly White people. But nearby, Farmville Detention Center is the home to people from the world over — it’s the biggest immigration jail on the whole east coast. Two professors decided it was time to bring the two worlds together.

From With Good Reason, The Short Listen combines compelling interviews and short-form storytelling to bring you the best of each week’s episode in under five minutes.


3 Comments on “The Short Listen: English for Detainees”

  1. Edward J. White

    This sounds like a sound program that serves important goals both for the detainees and the students. Both groups are exposed to people and ideas they would otherwise have had.

    1. Edward J. White

      Correection: Both groups are exposed to people they otherwise would not have met and new ideas they might not otherwise had.

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