Helping the Monarchs


As we were doing research for our segment on the Monarch Massacre, we came across this website where you can learn more about monarch butterflies and how you can help bring them back.


2 Comments on “Helping the Monarchs”

  1. Larry Stopper

    Hello Friends, I live on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mtns., just south of Waynesboro, VA. I’m planning on planting a 1/2 acre of milkweed next year and would like advice on the proper variety of milkweed to plant and when to plant. Thanks

    1. lpf3p Post author

      Hello Larry, what a great project you have planned. We recommend taking a look at the “Milkweeds for Restoration Projects” page of the site, and maybe contacting them with further questions. Thanks for listening to With Good Reason, and we here all wish you great luck with the milkweed and monarchs!



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