Beyond Redemption? The Debate over Prisoner Rehabilitation

For the better part of a century Americans believed education and training would help criminal offenders turn their lives around. Today, however, Virginians have abolished parole, and the state spends …


Bound for Glory: New Books and Poetry by Virginia Writers

Part I: Novelist George Garrett of University of Virginia and poet Lucinda Roy of Virginia Tech discuss their latest works, the role of poetry in modern life and ways to encourage its appreciation among young …


Dark Passages: The Role of Evil in Literature

From ancient Greek epics to the latest best seller, depictions of evil have remained a staple of human literacy output. Why are we fascinated by what we fear? English professors Roy …


A Hold the Presses: Electronic Publishing and the Future of Books

As more Americans turn to their computers for information and entertainment, will printed books soon become obsolete? English professors Ed Falco of Virginia Tech, author of one of the first poetry volumes …


The Loneliest Number: Boredom and Social Phobias

Part I: University of Virginia English Professor Patricia Spacks discusses her new book, bravely titled Boredom: A Literary History of a State of Mind. Find the segment audio here. Part II: Mark McCormick, a Virginia …

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