Pulitzer100: If You Like the Truth

This program is funded in part by the Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Initiative, which seeks to focus on journalism and the humanities, to imagine their future and to inspire new …


This Old House (of Representatives)

America has elected 44 different presidents, but more than 12,000 people have served in Congress.  Matthew Wasniewski (James Madison University alum) was recently appointed as the fourth official historian of …


Replay: Women at War

Women journalists who covered the Vietnam War are often not given their proper due when the history of the conflict is told.  Joyce Hoffman (Old Dominion University) is the author …


Super-sizing the Media

The way in which Americans get their news has changed over the past several decades. Newspapers used to be king, but now over 70 percent of us get our news …


Images of Madness: Media and the Mentally Ill

From The Silence of the Lambs to news coverage of Jeffrey Dahmer case, the media paints a detailed and disturbing picture of mental illness. George Mason University sociologist Otto Wahl, author of Media Madness, …


From Camelot to Watergate: The President and the Media

For one brief shining moment, the media treated the U.S. president with kid gloves. Today the gloves are off, and reporters go for the jugular. Veteran network news reporter Roger Mudd and …

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