Standards of Learning: A Hot-Button Issue

Parents, teachers and students around the state are trying to make sense of the SOL’s. And it’s a safe bet, there are few who don’t have some opinion as to …


Family Dispositions: Implications of Genetic Testing

Blame it on your parents and their parents before them. Science tells us that the predisposition for certain illnesses, including breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and sickle cell anemia, can be …


School for Scandal? Literary Censorship in K-12 Curriculum

Each year, venerated literature, from Huckleberry Finn to Catcher in the Rye, is banned from school libraries around the country by parents and religious groups who find the content of these classics unfit …


Home Improvement: Building Family Communication Skills

Kids say the darndest things. Sometimes so do their parents. Longwood psychologist David Stein specializes in family therapy, especially controlling difficult teens. He is joined by Mary Washington psychologist Thomas Moeller for a frank …


Good Cops/Bad Cops: New Efforts to Prevent Police Misconduct

A nation was shocked to view the Rodney King video. Some argue that beatings of civilians by police officers seem sadly commonplace. What’s causing these apparent breakdowns? Criminal justice professors Tod …

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