Cents and Sensibility


Chocolate Economics

Melanie Marks (Longwood University) has written a textbook “Chocolate Economics” to teach 2nd & 3rd graders about everyday finance. Also: Many of us struggle to balance our monthly budgets—car payments, …


Tobacco Buyout – The End of an Era

After years of subsidizing tobacco, the federal government ended its tobacco quota program one year ago. Agricultural economics professor Dixie Reaves (Virginia Tech) is the daughter of a tobacco farmer, and Cliff Sommerville advises …


Good Morning, Vietnam: 25 Years After the Fall of Saigon

Vietnam is emerging as the economic frontier of the 1990s, and nations around the globe are lining up to take advantage of its needs and resources. Even the U.S. can’t …


Seeing Green: The Economics of Environmentalism

For more than 30 years, environmentalists have stressed the long-term benefits of environmentally friendly business practices, but has big business finally gotten the message? Some economists are even trying to …

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