Leaded Gasoline and Big Business: A Poisonous Combination

In the early 1920s, scientists working for General Motors made a discovery they believed could eliminate the engine knock that plagued early automobiles. By adding lead to gasoline, they were …


The Hot Seat: The Allen-Robb Race

While few question which candidate will take Virginia in the Presidential race, many are wondering who will next occupy one of Virginia’s seats in the U.S. Senate. Political scientist Larry Sabato …


African-American Fortunes and Misfortunes

African-American hospitals have been major caregivers in black communities for most of this century.  Yet, their continued existence in the 21st century is in doubt.  Cassandra Newby-Alexander (Norfolk State University) is …


The Fate of the Dollar, The Fate of the World?

Where is the dollar headed today? Can it withstand currency speculation? Will it weather the economic collapse of industrialized and emerging nations? J.R. Bullington, director of the Center for Global Business at Old …


Eastern Stars: The Futures of China, Hong Kong and Macao

The pomp and circumstance that surrounded the reversion of Hong Kong to the Chinese offered a glimmer of hope for continued prosperity on that island. But one year later, Asia …


All the Way to the Bank:Virginia’s Economic Forecast

Economic forecasters Roy Pearson, from the College of William and Mary, and Stephen Fuller, from George Mason University, take a look at the future of Virginia’s economy beyond the Car Tax.


Let’s Get Fiscal: Year-End Tax Tips

Before the W-2s and the shoe boxes full of receipts start appearing, two accounting professors, Richard Newmark from Old Dominion University and James Smith from William & Mary, join us to discuss strategies to …


Take This Job and Love It: Labor Unions in the 90s

The economic recession of the early 90s, downsizing, plant closings, NAFTA, and the move toward overseas manufacturing have left America’s once all-powerful labor unions reeling from loss of membership and, …


Seeing Green: The Economics of Environmentalism

For more than 30 years, environmentalists have stressed the long-term benefits of environmentally friendly business practices, but has big business finally gotten the message? Some economists are even trying to …

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