Furious Flower: A Celebration of the Greats of African American Poetry

On Sept. 27th and 28th, the most notable poets of our time will gather in the nation’s capital to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Furious Flower Poetry Center, the first academic center devoted to African American poetry in the United States.

Refugees from Syria at a Clinic in Jordan.Episode

Healing Displacement

It’s hard to navigate the U.S. healthcare system. But it’s even harder when you’re a refugee.


Talkin’ Hurricanes

In the years since Hurricane Katrina, a lot has changed about New Orleans–including the way people talk.


American Terrorism

In 1979 in Greensboro, North Carolina members of the KKK shot and killed five labor and civil rights activists. The city hasn’t forgotten.



A researcher finds that kids who interact in some way with the justice system–even if it’s just living near a justice facility–have worse health outcomes.


Mountains and Mining

Travel to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and you’ll find a place that’s not unlike Appalachia.

A collage of several different people.Episode

New Virginians

Immigrants from Central and South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Republics were chosen to share their stories in a new exhibit at the Library of Virginia.


American Dissent: Making the Decision to Fight

The second episode of our collaborative podcast series American Dissent shares the stories of six people suing the Trump administration for rescinding DACA protections.


Front Porches of the Dead

This week we’re taking a closer look at death and the funeral industry, from the meaning of gravestones to the rise of African-American funeral homes.


Replay: Prohibition and Moonshine


The Right to Dissent

What happens when we push back against injustice? When we stand up for what we think is right? Does the Constitution protect us? All of us?



Content warning: this episode includes vivid descriptions of racial terror lynching, an auditory reenactment of racist assaults on protestors, and a description of police brutality against a black child. Please …

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