For Better or Worse: The Public and Political Ethics

Virginia Commonwealth University political scientist Scott Keeter joins Bob Roberts (James Madison University), author of The Public Integrity War, for a discussion of our national obsession with the ethical conduct of politicians. Roberts blames an …


High Anxiety: Understanding Social Disorders

Part I: Education professor Valerie Morprew of Longwood College shares new approaches for treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Find the segment audio here. Part II: Mark McCormick, a Virginia Commonwealth University psychiatrist and director of the …


Tragic Endings: Suicide and the Elderly

The rate of suicide among the elderly is 50 percent higher than that of the general population. And it continues to climb. For some people, suicide is becoming a ritualized …


Political Literacy: What Americans Should Know Before Voting

On Tuesday this week, millions of Americans will cast their votes to elect our nations’ leader. Yet many Americans know little about politics, and the blurring of lines between party …


Heal Thyself: Over-The-Counter Drugs and Alternative Medicines

Part I: With the explosion of over-the-counter drugs, consumers can treat dozens of illnesses that once required trips to the doctor. Dr. Graham Patrick, professor of pharmacology at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical …


Forever Young: New Medical Research to Live Longer, Better

Part I: University of Virginia biomedical engineer Paul Allaire discusses his development of magnetic bearings for use in heart pumps. The bearings improve blood flow and eliminate the need for mechanical lubricants that …

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