Witches, Slaves, and Heroines

The Baptism of Pocahontas; Image via Wikipedia Join us for a sampler of Norfolk State University’s 1619:The Making of America conference, including the myths and truths behind the lives of …


Love in the Workplace

Image via flickr user sharyn morrow A new study finds that an affectionate work environment boosts teamwork and job satisfaction and leads to less burnout and absenteeism. A forthcoming article …


Replay: Massive Resistance in Virginia

In the summer of 2008, a statue honoring leaders of Virginia’s Civil Rights movement was dedicated on the grounds of Capitol Square in Richmond. One of the cast panels features …


Massive Resistance in Virginia

This summer, a statue honoring leaders of Virginia’s civil rights movement was dedicated on Capitol Square grounds in Richmond. One of the panels features Oliver W. Hill, an attorney who …


On the Town: The Debate Over Reversion and Revenue-Sharing

Virginia has 40 independent cities—28 are eligible to revert to town status. With increased competition between city and county, reversion promises cities new clout and relief from costly education and …

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