Everybody’s Gotta Eat

Parents spend a lot of time refereeing. No, you can’t have hot fries and ice cream for dinner. Yes, please, have some more kale. We go to the dinner tables of “natural parents,” who left city life behind to bring kids closer to their food source.


Predicting Hotspots

What if we could predict civil conflict 5 years in advance with machine learning? What might we do differently?


The Voyage of the USS Albatross

Many of us spent the summer fishing. But could overfishing be changing fish genetics?


Gun Sense

A Virginia professor becomes a gun control advocate after a shooting at her school.


Science Out in the World

There’s a lot to learn in science class: the periodic table, the stages of a butterfly, but also … how to be an American citizen.


Replay: Monsters in the Classroom


Reviving the Giant Oysters

Fossils give away the secrets of the past, but they can also tell the future.


Heroes of American Dissent

American Dissent is a production of James Madison’s Montpelier and With Good Reason at Virginia Humanities.


Replay: Whistles in the Mist

“Whistles in the Mist,” is the award-winning documentary on the whistling style of speech that developed in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Holiday Favorites and Memories

Guests from With Good Reason’s past return to share some of their favorite holiday music. 


Drawing History

Sometimes to tell a complex story, you need simple pictures. Enter: comic books.


Front Porches of the Dead

This week we’re taking a closer look at death and the funeral industry, from the meaning of gravestones to the rise of African-American funeral homes.

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