America’s Unsung Allies

The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon caused a major shift in the foreign policy objectives of President George W. Bush. Many nations enlisted in …


Politics in the Old Dominion

We look at the significance of the Nov. 2nd vote—an election that some predict will result in Republican domination of Virginia politics. Why is politics in the Old Dominion described …


For Better or Worse: The Public and Political Ethics

Virginia Commonwealth University political scientist Scott Keeter joins Bob Roberts (James Madison University), author of The Public Integrity War, for a discussion of our national obsession with the ethical conduct of politicians. Roberts blames an …


On the Town: The Debate Over Reversion and Revenue-Sharing

Virginia has 40 independent cities—28 are eligible to revert to town status. With increased competition between city and county, reversion promises cities new clout and relief from costly education and …


Caught in the Web: Ethics in Cyberspace

Computer hacking, “flaming” on bulletin boards and invasions of privacy are just a few examples of ethical misconduct on the Internet. James Madison University information science professor Karen Forcht is joined by …

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