Mind and Matter: Neurological Disorders of the Elderly

Four million Americans are currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease; it is estimated that that number will increase fivefold in the next 50 years. Neurologist┬áJames Bennett (University of Virginia)┬ádiscusses new research …


Physician-Assisted Suicide: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

In 1997, Oregon voters approved the Death with Dignity Act, which allows doctors to help the terminally ill hasten their deaths. While other states have considered such a law, none …


Election ’98: Searching for the Ideal Candidate

In the wake of Lewinsky and Starr, pundits discuss the Congressional elections and the “Ideal Politician of the 21st Century.” Also: A look at Virginia political dynasties with analysts┬áBob Holsworth …


All the Way to the Bank:Virginia’s Economic Forecast

Economic forecasters Roy Pearson, from the College of William and Mary, and Stephen Fuller, from George Mason University, take a look at the future of Virginia’s economy beyond the Car Tax.


Take This Job and Love It: Labor Unions in the 90s

The economic recession of the early 90s, downsizing, plant closings, NAFTA, and the move toward overseas manufacturing have left America’s once all-powerful labor unions reeling from loss of membership and, …


Political Literacy: What Americans Should Know Before Voting

On Tuesday this week, millions of Americans will cast their votes to elect our nations’ leader. Yet many Americans know little about politics, and the blurring of lines between party …

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