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Treating Alcoholism in Women – feature

More than 15 million Americans are addicted to alcohol, but that number only begins to tell the story.  Nancy King, with the radio program “With Good Reason,” says there is a… More»

¡Viva el Cine Cubano! – feature

Cuba is famous for its cigars, its rum, and its aging dictator.  Two Virginia film experts say the small island also produces some world-class movies.  But Nancy King, with the… More»

Oh Canada, eh? – feature

This week, as the United States observes Independence Day, Canada celebrates Canada Day on July first.  Former With Good Reason producer, Nancy King, has more about the long and complicated relationship between these two… More»

Little Big Minds – feature

Both Harvard and Duke law schools now offer seminars on dealing with difficult colleagues…and two popular advice books address the issue of positive approaches to negative people.  Nancy King, with… More»

So You Want to be an Entrepreneur? – feature

A recent survey (in 2004 by Capital One and Consumer Action financial service providers) indicates that 40-percent of Americans dream of starting their own business. Nancy King, with the radio program “With Good Reason,”… More»

What We Believe – feature

What is it about comedy that makes us laugh?  The former president of the International Society for Humor Studies is a Virginia religion professor who teaches undergraduates as well as Fortune 500… More»

Are Astronauts our Fallen Angels? – feature

Not too long ago, the names of Alan Shepherd, John Glenn, and Buzz Aldrin were just as famous–and perhaps MORE so–than those of top Hollywood celebrities.  A Virginia artist is hoping his work… More»

The Golden Age of Romance – feature

As Americans live longer and healthier lives, it should come as no surprise that this growing demographic group is re-defining the idea of romance.  Nancy King, with the radio program… More»