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Call Me Mister – companion feature

Virginia educators are looking for a few good men…African American men, in fact, who want to teach in elementary school.  Producer Nancy King has more. [audio:https://www.withgoodreasonradio.org/files/2008/10/20080710callmemister.mp3]

Counterfactuals – companion feature

“What if” questions have long intrigued political scientists and historians.  Producer Nancy King reports that some Virginia college students are getting a dose of “counter-factual reasoning” in their classroom. [audio:https://www.withgoodreasonradio.org/files/2008/10/20080703counterfactual.mp3]

You Sound Like You’re Not From Around Here – companion feature

Contrary to popular belief, regional accents are still very much a part of the American cultural landscape.  Producer Nancy King found a Virginia linguist who is essentially “collecting” accents. [audio:https://www.withgoodreasonradio.org/files/2008/10/20080606accents.mp3]

Stories from the Streets

Dirk Phillipsen argues that the American people define prosperity differently than economists and politicians. [audio:https://www.withgoodreasonradio.org/vfhradio-audio/wgr/2012/02/dirk_prosperity.mp3|titles=dirk_prosperity]   Dirk Phillipsen asserts that the government can take the lead in helping us solve… More»