Meet the Staff

Executive Producer and Host – Sarah McConnell was News Director of WINA in Charlottesville, Virginia before joining With Good Reason as Producer and Host. She’s a co-founder of Computers4Kids and has served on the boards of Offender Aid and Restoration, Children Youth and Family Services, the Emily Couric Leadership Forum, the Virginia Associated Press Broadcasters, the Virginia Press Association’s Freedom of Information Committee, and the Board of WUVA. She and her husband, Bob Gibson, have three daughters, Helen, Logan and Stella.



Listener Services – Jeannie Palin makes it possible for With Good Reason to provide free CDs of show episodes to listeners. In between her many duties as part-time Receptionist at VH, she manages the listener request database and mails out CDs to listeners around the region. Before Jeannie joined the VFH Staff in 1997, she taught elementary students for nine years and then raised a family full-time at home.


Photo credit: Anna Powell Teeter

Senior Producer – Allison Quantz is a radio and podcast producer living in Bloomington, Indiana. Alongside her work at With Good Reason, she is an adjunct instructor of audio production at Indiana University. In 2015, she launched The Briefing from SiriusXM and went on to produce it until late 2017. Her work has also been heard on BackStory with the American History Guys, Café Indiana, Virginia Public Radio, Word of Mouth, Distillations, and PRX Remix.



Associate Producer – Cass Adair is a Virginian writer and audio producer. Having trained in both academia and public media, he is dedicated to translating complex ideas into compelling stories. Cass’s work can be found in academic journals, magazines, and on air, and he has a particular interest in narrative by and for marginalized communities. In 2018, he was chosen by the Association of Independents in Radio as a New Voices Scholar.