Published October 7, 2020

Maybe you’re planning to go to the polls on November 3rd, or maybe your ballot is already in the mail. Either way, election day is almost here and we want to know: why are YOU voting?

To help inspire Virginians to cast their ballots, With Good Reason and Virginia Humanities is kicking off #WhyIVoteVA. In the coming weeks on With Good Reason, we’ll share the hopes, dreams, fears, and angers that are driving Virginians to vote.

Call us at (434) 253-0396 and let us know #WhyIVoteVA. Start by leaving your first name and where you live, and then tell us: why are you voting? Your edited message might be shared on air and with our listener networks around the state!

And don’t forget to make a plan to vote!

Hi, my name is Josef Beery from Greene County, Virginia. I vote because it’s the best opportunity I have to speak up and have a voice in the future of my community. Even when it seems that none of the choices being offered is very appealing. I feel I must vote to preserve my right to – as they say, use it or lose it. 


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