Published February 11, 2019

Enjoy our episode “How To Go Clubbing?” Here are some companion pieces, links, and additional resources.

Looking for your next party, or want to read more about queer and trans nightlife and style? Check out madison moore’s scholarly and dj work.

You can also watch an incredible short film about the “uncanny techno place” of the club.

inside a gay club called “Partners” in New Haven, Ct.
photo by madison moore

For more on Roanoke’s LGBTQ histories, check out The Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ Oral History Project, run by Dr. Gregory Samantha Rosenthal of Roanoke College.

You can also listen to hours of oral histories with LGBTQ+ Roanokers, including WGR guests Don Muse and Peter Thornhill, at the Roanoke Library’s Oral History Collection.

Heading to Roanoke? You can take a free walking tour of historic LGBTQ+ spaces.

Cass Interviewing Don Muse and Peter Thornhill in Roanoke, Virginia. Photo credit: Gregory Samantha Rosenthal / The Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ Oral History Project.

You can read Lauron Kehrer’s moving reflection on dance, the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shootings, and being a white queer hip-hop scholar at Inside Higher Ed.

More info about Al Evangelista’s gorgeous work is at his professional website, You can also learn more about his work through the University of Michigan’s Daring Dances project.

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