Published April 17, 2017

Don’t miss this week’s show! Our segment on the Eastern Hellbender begins at 28:00.

We’re reposting this spacey short-doc produced in partnership with the National Park Service on the amazing creature with the unfortunate name: the Snot Otter, or Eastern Hellbender.

An endangered species native to parts of Appalachia, the Eastern Hellbender could also be called the Komodo Dragon of the riverbed. These giant salamanders look like creatures time forgot. Now, the modern world is catching up with them, disrupting their habitat with runoff, recreation, and disease.

The Last Dragons takes an intimate look at the fragile species and at only 10 minutes makes the perfect short hit of nature for lunchtime on a Monday.


The Last Dragons – Protecting Appalachia’s Hellbenders from Freshwaters Illustrated on Vimeo.


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