Aired: February 2, 2013

The Faiths of the Postwar Presidents

National interest in the spiritual practices and beliefs of our presidents is as strong as ever.  In his new book, The Faiths of the Postwar Presidents, David Holmes (College of William and Mary) looks at the role of religion in the lives of the twelve presidents who have served since the end of World War II.  He also shares little-known anecdotes, such as Dwight Eisenhower’s effort to conceal his family’s Jehovah’s Witness background.  Also featured: When Abraham Lincoln drew his last breath, his Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, famously said “Now he belongs to the ages.” Allen Guelzo delivered the keynote address at the Lincoln symposium hosted by Christopher Newport University’s Center for American Studies.  Guelzo, the author of eight books on Lincoln, says the ages haven’t always been kind to the reputation of our 16th president.


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