Aired: January 29, 2011

Secrets of the NFL Draft

What gets a player drafted into the NFL?  After examining six year’s worth of data about wide receivers, Sam Allen (Virginia Military Institute) may know the secret formula for wide receivers who want to be chosen by an NFL team.  Performance on the 40-yard dash, media coverage, the size of the college, and even the player’s performance in interviews – all of it can set apart a good wide receiver from the one who gets picked.  Also featured: Economic recessions aren’t exactly a new phenomenon.  Economist Clyde Haulman (The College of William and Mary) says every generation that’s lived in a boom cycle has falsely believed it would go on forever.  He spent months tracking down business licenses and agricultural outputs to uncover what brought about America’s first modern economic depression, the Panic of 1819, and says there are lessons to be learned from it.


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