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Mr. Turner and the Industrial Revolution

William Rodner, Tidewater Community College 

The critically acclaimed film Mr. Turner examines the life and work of the British Romanticist painter J.M.W. Turner, whose style earned him the informal title “the painter of light.” Rodner is the author of J.M.W. Turner: Romantic Painter of the Industrial Revolution.  He says Turner was one of the first major artists to depict the Industrial Revolution.

13 mins

Sisterhood Against Slavery

Stephanie Richmond, Norfolk State University

In the 1830s, thousands of women were involved in the movement to abolish slavery. The presence and activity of women in the abolitionist movement laid the framework for another important movement: women’s suffrage.

14 mins

Logos Through the Ages

Bruce MacDonald, Virginia Military Institute

The power of logos and branding wasn’t lost on the ancients. After William the Conqueror defeated Harold, the Saxon king, William wisely combined the crests of the two forces into a new British logo—two winged lions on a yellow field—which helped him unify and govern his new land.

13 mins

Writing in Cherokee

Ken Smith, Radford University

Sequoyah, or as he signed his name, (ᏍᏏᏉᏯ Ssiquoya, is the great Cherokee Indian who invented the Cherokee alphabet that made reading and writing in Cherokee possible. One teacher is having the students in his typography and design class create new typeface designs for the Cherokee language.

10 mins

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