Aired: December 8, 2012

Jurassic Squid Ink

The ink’s been dry for 160 million years—but scientists have now confirmed pigment in two fossilized ink sacs from squid-like animals. John Simon (University of Virginia) examined the Jurassic ink sac from the floor of a long-gone sea in the United Kingdom. Also featured: Thousands of kids are duking it out for the title of LEGO robotics champs. They spend months building and programming robots that can solve real world problems. We follow one team from UVa-Wise through robot malfunctions and tummy-aches all the way to the top. And: The benefits of taking Fido to work may not be far-fetched. In a new study, Sandra Barker (Virginia Commonwealth University) found that dogs make a positive difference in the workplace by reducing stress and making the job more satisfying for other employees.


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