Aired: November 19, 2011

From the Volga to the Mississippi and Back

In the period between the American Civil War and the Russian Revolution of 1905, American and Russian travel writers wrote home about their encounters abroad.  At first the observations were mostly positive.  But as time went on the writings became increasingly hostile.  Margarita Marinova (Christopher Newport University), in her new book, says these negative characterizations became the basis for a mutual rhetoric of hate common during the Cold War.

Also featured: Charles Erric(Northern Virginia Community College) is the co-editor of a two-volume anthology of essays by some of America’s most eminent historians. He believes that teachers should humanize American history by portraying it through the stories of real people to whom students can relate.


2 Comments on “From the Volga to the Mississippi and Back”

  1. Rick Parrish

    I heard part of a story on pre-Jamestown European exploration of Virginia, and on the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island, today in the car. I would love to listen to the entire show. Is it available online?


    Rick Parrish
    Charlottesville, VA

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