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Beyond Happy

Beth Cabrera (George Mason University)

Many people struggle to find balance between work, family, and self-care–particularly women. The author of Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being shares what she learned through interviews with more than a thousand women about how to find a happy balance.

13 mins

The Depression Gene

Kenneth Kendler (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Our guest was part of a research team that made a breakthrough discovery: they found specific genetic markers in a population of Chinese Han women that predispose them to the risk for clinical depression.

9 mins

Human Cozies

Kristin Skees (Christopher Newport University)

A sculptor frustrated with the direction of her metal work decided to take a break and knit “cozies” for all of her tools–her drill, welding mask, and even her pickup truck. Then she created what she calls her Husband Cozy Series, which plays on the idea of a trophy wife. Now she’s flooded with requests for “Cozy Portraits.”

6 mins

What Would You Do?

Bill Hawk and Erica Lewis (James Madison University)

If you accidentally scrape a stranger’s car and nobody sees, what do you do? Do you leave a note? Do you track the owner down? A university program is giving coping strategies for deciding what to do when faced with an ethical dilemma.

12 mins

Marine Snow and Zooplankton Riddles

Deborah Steinberg (William and Mary Virginia Institue of Marine Science)

Zooplankton are microscopic animals in the ocean that are critical to both the food chain and the recycling of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Our guest says that due to climate change, there’s been a change in the distribution and variation of zooplankton.

12 mins

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