Justin Reid's great-great grandfather Reverend Jacob Randolph, who was enslaved at Ampthill Plantation

“A Physical Place I Could Feel Rooted In”: A Virtual Tour of a Slave Dwelling

James Madison’s Montpelier recently hosted a National Summit on Slavery. They convened scholars, museum professionals, and members of descendant communities to talk about how historic sites can change the… More»

New Archive of Science Plays Launched

A new area of dramatic literature is emerging: science plays. Many of these plays “reclaim discoveries made by female scientists like Emilie Du Chatelet, Rosalind Franklin, Henrietta Leavitt…whose works… More»

Who is Ted Sizer?

The reformer who influenced Debbie Meier managed to change the way we think about the classroom.

The Contagion Effect

The way the media covers shootings may have a big effect on future acts of violence.

The Lyme Controversy

We like to think when we get sick, we can just go to the doctor, get the proper medicine and we’re cured, right? But when it comes to Lyme Disease, it might not be so simple.

Gauguin in Tahiti

Art critics and admirers praise Gauguin’s work and his connection to Tahiti; others say he exploited the island and its people.